Thank you, April Wilder, for guiding me through the start of this project and encouraging me to go in the direction of what and how I wanted to write instead of what and how I felt I should write. Your reactions, reading recommendations, and suggestions helped create the foundation and structure of this piece. And thank you for your enthusiasm when I shared the “final” version. It was needed.

Thank you Tom, Jocelyn, Jared, Angellyne, and Zach for your thoughtful encouragement. You gave me the pushes I needed to keep going and to release this novella. In the alternative universe where alternate me doesn’t have alternate you supporting her, this project is abandoned.

Thank you, Jessica Pressman, for reading this in multiple iterations and pushing me to question why it’s a digital piece and answer that question in the work.

Thank you Alex, Elena, Enrique, Jessica, Keenan, and Renee for providing feedback and encouragement during the early stages of this project. 

Thank you, Stephen-Paul Martin, for reading a version of the novella and your detailed feedback. 

Thank you to the anonymous early readers for your time and reactions. 

Thank you SDSU’s English Graduate Symposium and the ELO for the opportunities to present working versions of this project. It allowed me to discover new aspects to explore and approaches to abandon. Thank you, Jess Humphrey and Sandra Doller, for your feedback at the Symposium.

Thank you to The Interactive Fiction Community Forum, especially user HiEv, for assisting me in learning Twine.

Images from Adobe Stock.

Sounds from SoundBible, Soundjay, and Freesound (users: jlew, mcroce).